Lakeside Daisy. My first 2 Things Challenge entry

Lakeside Daisy


I love being a mom

Please check it out….



From A New Hunger by Laure-Anne Bosselaar.


why it always seems to take longer to get somewhere, then it does to get home?


Thought I’d try this WordPoem from Eclectica . I wouldn’t necessarily call this poetic; more of a surreal image – but it’s writing…

After the midnight squall
she dreamt of geraniums
sprouting from the eye sockets
of a skull
levitating over a plate
of sliced tomatoes.

Sister, Sister, Sister

I have 3 Sisters, but I only know one. They are all half sisters. The one I grew up with is my real sister. Period. Same dad or not. The other two don’t seem to want to acknowledge my existence – and that’s ok. Truly their loss, cause they missed out on my great kids. (I’m quite blessed).

When I met my Dad, I was 26. He told me a little about them, so I’ve known for around 15 years what their first names were. They are around 5 & 7 years younger than me so at the time they weren’t married. Now of course they are.

A number of years ago, I was at a family picnic. (Ironically, enough, it was my Dad (step-father)’s  family. My cousin told me of this nurse she worked with, ‘Z’, who’s maiden name was the same as mine. She says – “You know, I do see a resemblence.”

I told her, “Well, if her father’s name is ‘X’ and her sister’s name is ‘Y’ – then she’s my sister”.

Well, what-do-ya-know. It’s her. The oldest of the two. So my cousin told me a bit about her, her last name, her husband’s name, etc., and she tells me that her sister ‘Y’ is married and about to have a child; but she doesn’t know ‘Y’s last name.

Well, long story short – things didn’t go well – getting to know them wasn’t going to be an option.

For me, more family = more people to love; not knowing them is difficult. I don’t even know what to call my ‘Father’ on the few rare occasions I get to speak to him. After things fell apart 6 years ago, we havn’t spoke. But when I got sick, my sister called him to let him know I had cancer. (It was very important to me that his daughters know that their risk was greater so they could make informed decisions about their health.)

I’ve given up the idea that we could all meet one day – that isn’t what they want so it isn’t going to happen – but with genealogy being a hobby of mine I thought I’d see what I could see. And last night I actually found out what my sister Y’s last name is; and where she works. I’m sure I’ll never do anything with the info, but I feel just a little better knowing something about her, even if it’s only her name.

Two Truths and a Lie

1. I wear my sister’s wedding ring.

2. I’ve snorkled in Tahiti.

3. I particpate in a paranormal research group (similar to Ghost-hunters on SciFi).